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More about the guy

My name is Pete,

I was born in the disco decade (70s) by my Swedish mother on a lovely September afternoon and have after that lived a bit of "globetrotter life", with school in America and homes in US, England and the past 15 years in Spain.

And YES disco and other music has always been a big part of my life. When I was growing up I liked listening to Radio Luxembourg and other different radio chart shows.. And when the school wanted a DJ for the first school dance in 4th grade I was the obvious choice and since then it has just continued... (But I dont count that as my DJ debut, that happened years later)

Over the years I have done loads of stuff...
  • Professional DJ for 20 years
  • Show entertainer on and off for over 20 years  (Yes, I do sing and act)
  • Known from TV (different apperences in Television)
  • Have a degree in Commercial Radio
  • Radio presenter for a couple of years (HIT 94,5, Vinyl 94,5, Sands FM 104,8)
  • Entertainer for over 2 years in Majorca 
  • Lead role in a film called "Join the Flumeride"
  • Touring nation wide with shows
  • Experienced in Show production
  • Management trained
  • For 5 years I was running a Hotel entertainment programme in Gran Canaria

  •  ...... and more (have a wide CV with loads of other experiences besides entertainment)

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